How to SQUID

An introduction to everyday mindfulness for children of all ages

Give the children in your life the gift of mindfulness and calm decision making when they need it most! This is the children’s book you will wish your parents read to you.

The “How to SQUID” book is a fun and approachable introduction to the basics of mindfulness and introspection.

Whimsical and lovingly illustrated to catch the interest of our youngest readers, How to SQUID is a life-changing gift of calm in a crazy world.

The SQUID method

Invented by Dr Mel Ganus in ___, the SQUID method is an easy-to-learn 5-step method designed to help children and adults .

By learning to follow the 5 steps of SQUID – Stop, Question, Understand, Imagine, Decide – kids, parents, and other homo sapiens can develop a life-long habit of working with, not against their brains and emotions.

What’s in the book

Inside the book, you’ll find:

  • Dr Mel’s educational poem, explaining the SQUID method and introducing curious readers to how their brains work in difficult situations,
  • colorful illustrations by Stacie Quigley, which help learn the 5 steps of SQUID quickly,
  • ready-to-print coloring sheets for readers young and old.

Recommended for…

  • parents looking to help their little fountain of emotions,
  • kids looking to educate their parents on neuroscience,
  • family & friends looking to become the cool aunt or uncle

About the author

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