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Graphic Image Showing the word Squid as a Human Brain
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SQUIDminders is an audacious project from Quality of Life eXperiments. It is the early formation of a comprehensive and innovative program to help millions of people measurably maximize quality of life.

We employ rapid iterative design and test, and experiential learning design to deliver advanced training techniques and a wealth of activities successfully found to interrupt autopilot reactions.

We provide coaching services, classroom programs, corporate mindfulness training and train the trainer courses – courses like our newly developing First Responder Program.


Mel Ganus,


Dr Mel has dedicated herself to helping reduce suffering and improve quality of life and works tirelessly to find ways to make that easier. She is best known for her enthusiasm and experience in creative problem solving, nonprofit projects, learning design, and impact assessment.

Suzannah W. Smith,


Dr Zanna has a lifetime of experiences to draw from when she works with clients, from her breadth of work in visual and performing arts and her many years advising students, administrators and healthcare professionals. She completed her PhD in Psychology at Walden University, with intensive research on resiliency to compassion fatigue.

Abhishek Gupta,

MA, ClinPsy

Abhishek helps direct QoL Experiments while he works on his PhD in Human Resource Management at XIM University, Erstwhile Xavier University. He has a penchant for research; to objectify the still non-physical knowledge. He builds ideas quickly, and motivates everybody to take the next step towards their personal goals, however difficult they may be. He sings, plays the strings and the keys, videogames and chess.